This month the WC League of Legends took place in South Korea. There were teams from 36 countries with a total of 328 League of Legends players. There was also a student team from Amsterdam with 5 players and one coach. In an interview they told about how to qualify for the League of Legends World Cup. Do you want to get qualified for the next years League of Legends World Cup? We tell you all about it.

How to qualify for the WC League of Legends?

The first thing you have to do is create a team of 5 student players who all study in the same city. With this team you can join a e-sport competition, in the Netherlands this is called the College League. It’ll take time. You’ll have to play the game a lot at home to practice. You also will have to play the matches for the College League, almost every week. I have to be honest, I don’t know if these rules are the same in other countries.

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What happens if you win the College League and go to the WC?

If your team wins the College League in your country, you can go to the League of Legends World Cup. This year there were 328 players from 36 countries who joined the World Cup of League of Legends in South Korea. The flight and stay in South Korea is payed by the organization of the League of Legends world cup. You’ll only have to pay your own food and souvenirs. It’s a great experience to take part of such a great World Cup and to go to another country with an other culture.

Win the League of Legends World Cup

Before you go to the World Cup you won’t know who your opponents will be or what you can get if you win the World Cup. In the previous year the winning team got 10.000 euro’s. You can get a lot of price money in League of Legends tournaments.

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