IGVault, as one of the best C2C In-Game Account Platform, quickly succeeded in expanding its activities all over the world from 2006. With IGVault’ s unique Visualization, you may found the account with the Champions, skins, Servers, Tiers, Regions IP/RP and more as you wish.

About IGVault

We indeed started in Europe with notably Germany and France, and gamers the Middle East and America soon were also appealed to IGVault’ s focus on the customers’ needs & wants.

Thanks to the trustworthiness granted by the players, IGVault has notably become one of Skrill’s biggest partners, and its reputation as a transaction platform for virtual game gold, virtual game items, game accounts such as reliable League of Legends accounts , gamecards & CD keys among worldwide gamers is now firmly established.

How to hit Rank Diamond fast

Greetings! I hit Rank Diamond Yesterday and here are some tips for you if you are still struggling on the ladder and don’t know how to hit the Higher Rank (Platinum/Diamond/Challenger) easy and fast. And the amazing Site, IGVault! It’s nothing for you if you are a really good League of Legends players with 10 ping and a huge Husl.nl Champion pool. If not, read on

Where to buy cheap LoL accounts?

I lost my old League of Legends Account due because I forgot the Password (2 Years wasted for COC and other stuff, lol) of my old one and the Email, too. So I had searched for a new Account basically contains my Champions Pool: Monk, Mundo, Twisted Fate, Ahri and so on.

Fortunately, I found a site, called IGVault.com, to purchase an alternative Account for my further LOL and Ladder Game. IGVault, (C2C.IGVault.com), with its unique Visualization System, Helped me to reach my goal. I quickly found An cheap LoL Account with not only Monk and Mondo (42 Champions included), but with 5 Full Pages of Runes of Jungle, Ap Middle and Ad Middle. I found a lot of Amazing cheap league of legends account on IGVault… Some with really good Price, Others contains amazing rare Skins (like Champion Riven 2016). IGVault is a Treasure box with amazing stuff!


With the perfect Account from IGVault, I reached the Rank Diamond pretty fast. Trolls, AFKers, Teemo Players, Ragers, & other scum happen pretty much during the Game, but that actually happened on both side. KEEP IT IN MIND THAT YOU’RE NOT ONE OF THEM OR YOU WILL WASTE THE NICE ACCOUNT FROM IGVAULT. With the help of IGVault, I climb the ladder pretty fast with a winning rate for average 83%.

Thanks for the Amazing IGVault support! Wish that this could help you too during your Ladder Match.

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