There are multiple reasons to buy items or accounts for LoL. If you, for example, have a high rated account already and want to play lower ranked game, you can purchase an cheap LoL account that has some level. This will save you the grind. And the grind can be very, very, very long if you decide to do it by yourself. Also you can buy a new account if you want to play with friends in another region.

An account for example

If you are into buying League of Legends accounts, we will provide you an example account. This is a special account that is expensive, but there are also hundreds of accounts that are fairly cheap. If you are looking at an new account, you can see the following statistics. This one is just an example (but a really good one we recon).

  • Level: 30
  • Quantity of Champions: 133
  • Quantity of Skins: 357 ( Special Skin: 141 )
  • Rune Pages: 20
  • IP: 4109
  • RP: 5
  • Tiers: Silver I
  • Email Verified Yes
  • Server: Europe West

Of course you can browse the new account section and see for yourself.

Are they botted accounts?

Some people are scared to buy a new account. But if you are buying it from the right vendors, there is nothing to worry about. The accounts, like the one above, is certainly not botted. These are handmade by professionals who earn money by doing so. They are created with great care. On some dodgy websites the accounts maybe botted, but that’s only true for low level botted accounts that do not have anything special or worthwhile. If you want an reliable LoL account like that, you can probably better play it yourself.

What regions can you buy an account for?

You can buy a new account for all the playable regions in the game. At the moment these are:

  • Brazil
  • Europe Nordic & East
  • Europe West
  • Latin America North
  • Latin America South
  • North America
  • Oceania
  • Russia
  • Turkey

Buy LoL accounts with a discount?

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