A long, long time ago my mother told me that I should not be gaming. I should do something useful instead, make money and such. Nowadays I think there are some parents that encourage their kids to play games like LoL, Dota2 and Hearthstone. The price money pools are incredible. The 2016 LoL World Championship had an overall price pool of $5,070,000.00. Professional players earn high amounts of money by competing in these tourneys. It is their full-time job.

How do they play the game at LoL tournaments?

Players form into 2 even teams. The teams consist of champions. At the larger tournaments they play 3 versus 3 or 5 versus 5. Each team starts at opposing sides of a map. These areas are called Spawning Pools. The pools are near the Nexus. Whenever the Nexus of a team is destroyed, the other one wins. It sounds easy, but it can be complicated. At higher levels it is an incredible strategic game that requires the competitors to be in world-class form.

The price pools

Players that compete in the LCS (LoL Championship Series) will get paid a salary. That is why the pricepool is less than some other games. Other games tend to raise the price pool by crowdfunding or by the owner. Only the top players in League of Legends will be paid a salary and have a shot to win the massive millions of dollar price money.

Top 10 price money tournaments

Below you can find the price money for the top 10 tournaments of the past. These where the highest amount at the time we are writing this.

» LoL 2016 World Championship $5,070,000.00
» LoL 2014 World Championship $2,130,000.00
» LoL 2015 World Championship $2,130,000.00
» LoL Season 3 World Championship $2,050,000.00
» LoL Season 2 World Championship $2,000,000.00
» Mid-Season Invitational 2017 $1,690,000.00
» LPL Spring 2016 $540,291.50
» LPL Summer 2016 $526,799.00
» LPL Summer 2017 $525,353.50
» LPL Spring 2017 $493,690.20

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