On our homepage we wrote we know all the places on the internet where you can find cheap and reliable Influence Points. There are a lot of Scam websites online and sellers who will try to sell you expensive and sometimes even fake Influence Points. But, we haven’t told you exactly what you can buy with these Influence Points. What’s the point of buying these Influence Points? We will tell you all about it when you read this blog.

Influence Points

Influence Points are points you can earn while playing the game. You can use these points to buy different in-game stuff. Looks nice right, you play the game, earn some points and you start to buy in-game stuff. But, nobody told you how much you have to play to earn these points. If you just have a look on any random forum you’ll have a slightly better idea how much effort and time it cost to earn a great amount of points. Some man said he didn’t have the time and patience to play LoL 24/7 to earn enough IP. Luckily you can play these points online also and we have pointed out on our website which are the most reliable and cheapest websites.

Use your IP

Ok, now you know exactly why it’s a great idea to buy Influence Points. And you know exactly where to buy these Influencer Points. But now you have these points, what to do with it? You can buy in-game stuff. In-game stuff like champions, skins and runes. There are also Riot points you can buy online. Some say it’s good to buy champions and skins with your Riot points and safe your Influencer points to buy runes.

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