At the start LoL is not an easy game. It has a steep learning curve and a lot of beginners stop the game before it is getting fun. Ranked matches are the, in our opinion, the most rewarding. If you take a look at the price money of some ranked tournaments, we also want a piece of it. If you want to become a better player in the game, you can read this article. Please note that this is an article for the beginner in League of Legends. The seasoned pro probably knows these 5 tips.

  1. Master a role

Look at all the champions that are available in the game and check out which one suits you the most. A lot of people are playing the best meta champing, but if it does not suits your playing style.. you will still be bad at it. Master one kind of champing and try to know every trick of it. So it does not pay off to try the popular ones all the time.

  1. Focus on the game

There are lot of distractions in the game. A lot of people spent too much time doing other things. Chatting is the most distracting one of them all. If you want to get good at League of Legends you should always focus on the game. Also try to play in a good surroundings. Try to find a spot in the house where you can fully focus on the game and no one is talking to you while playing.

  1. Get used to criticism

At lower (and sometimes higher levels) players will make lots of mistakes. Some of them can really spoil the game. You will get criticized if you make a game-breaking mistake. Try to cheer yourself and others up if they make a mistake.

  1. Be a good team player

A good team wins. Try to have a good vibe in your team. Do not swear and tell other players they are bad at the game. People will make mistakes (as mentioned above). If you cheer them up after a mistake, there is a higher chance they will play better after that. There are a lot of nervous team players out there. Help them!

  1. Analyse situations

League of legends takes a lot of practice. Analysing situations can help tremendously. Ask yourself in every situation what is the best play. Do not just click without analysing what is best. Rate the risk and reward and be smart about it. Good luck!

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